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Ingram Micro is an American distributor of information technology products based in Irvine, California, U.S. It is owned by HNA Technology Co., Ltd. In December 2016, Tianhai Investment (now known as HNA Technology), an associate company of HNA Group, acquired Ingram Micro in an all-cash transaction with an equity value of approximately $6 billion.

An unknown user (deleted account), 5 years ago on "Reddit" recounts his experience dealing with an error from the company Ingram Micro:

"Does Everyone Hate Ingram Micro As Much As I Do? Synnex, D&H, Tech Data, any better? We are doing a large EMR rollout. We did the right thing and ordered 1 of everything to test and verify all configurations. Once verified we ordered a whole load of desktops. Desktops with built-in wifi. (Dell Optiplex 9020's) It's Friday evening and we have to have this all running by Monday morning (not our fault, the customer gave us last minute notice so we did what we always do. We scrambled and made it happen). As we unbox the PC's we realize to our horror that none of the desktops have the wifi built-in. The SKU from Ingram is on the box and matches up to the Ingram website showing these units should indeed have wifi. Nothing we can do at this point, so we start running cable. At 1 AM we finally finished what should have been hours less. So now we are less profitable on the contract, out the labor for the cabling and hardware, and tired as sh...t! Monday I email Ingram and the Dell team rep from Ingram tells us we need to call Dell technical support to have them resolve the issue. Knowing exactly what Dell tech support was going to say, I responded to them asking how Dell would know what I ordered from Ingram Micro. They insist I must go through Dell tech support to resolve this. We've been loyal to a fault with them, (13 years and have never used anyone but them) and this is actually now the 2nd time they have mislabeled a Dell configuration and been completely unapologetic and unhelpful when it happens. I understand mistakes happen, it's how you handle them when they do occur that counts with me. So, does everyone hate Ingram micro as much as I do? Are Synnex, Tech Data, D&H, etc. Any better/worse? [...] I'll take both sensible recommendations of a new distributor as well as commiserating on how bad your experience is with Ingram Micro. (Yeah, I'm not too proud to admit that I'd love to hear some hating on IM right about now."


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"This goes back to 2013. I could not go that far back. Very cut throat, backstabbing, and totally unprofessional. I had no training what so ever and was expected to sell computer parts to vendors all over the country. The head of the team was extremely nasty to me and I found out during my few months there, I was probably the 5th person in the job in a few months."

Current Employee - Cloud Marketing says

"Stretch their employees too thin Lack of support for marketing execution Devalued vendor channel marketing Lack of basic operational efficiency Lack of data/system and tools needed to do effectively mktg Unattainable sales and marketing goals without proper support Lack of investment on employees"

Former Employee - Support Representative says

"Hectic Schedule Nonsensical indoctrination-once you stop drinking the kool-aid you realize this is just another big machine company that cares nothing about their employees. They spin you a story about being environmentally conscious, of being "one big family", but it's all b.s. Managers are awful Very difficult to get time off Micro-managing runs rampant Buffalo location is filthy It's a call center HR department is worthless"

Former Employee - Picker says

"They will promise 4 day work weeks, bonuses and part time hours and it is all lies"

Current Employee - Senior Sales Manager says

"Keep your mouth shut and do as your told. They are great doers not thinkers"

Former Employee - IT Support Specialist says

"Not a good place for black people to work"

Current Employee - Solutions Specialist says

"Managers- You have very few very good managers in PLG, and many that are the worst of the worst. Some that will not even give you the time of day or say hello to you. Order entry system from the 80s that is def. not user friendly. Other systems including quoting system that was designed poorly. Always promising improvements but nothing improves. PLG is a revolving door of ppl because nobody wants to stay. If you are a yes man then you will go far."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Selfish leaders/Directors, no values, blatant favoritism, cliques"

Former Employee - Human Resources Employee says

"A lot talk about fixing issues but nothing was ever done. "Push the status quo" was often mentioned. However, when pushing it ... it was frowned upon. Tried to make progress and nothing ever makes it through in a decent time... becuase it's going up a long chain. Too old to be innovative."

Current Employee - Management says

"Favoritism, Unprofessional, Stealing Every and anything, Incompetence, No Education Needed, 17plus hours 7 days week until dead!"

Facilities Services Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Maintenance Director was not trustworthy, lied, manipulated and twisted the truth to his advantage. He was a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. But kind and respectable to upper management. Very OCD!Monthly free lunch, due to specific commiteeMaintenance Director wasn't trustworthy."

Phobio (Former Employee) says

"I wk there for 15yrs and my life was no gd and the people does not help u.and the act like they don't understand u at all because ur different frm them.the company is gd,but the people, the manager,the Hr people I give it a 1,no gd place that's ok only those who are in favor"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Managers don't care about the running of the place, will reject any change suggested. Expect you to work a lot of hours and basically force you to do overtime. Those that don't do overtime get treated badly. Basically treats staff like trash, staff turn over is huge, I barely got to know my colleagues because they all kept leaving.Easy jobThe entire company."

Floor Operator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible, pésima. Para no repetir en la vida. Quien te contrata es una agencia (ETT), que lo único que quieren es mano de obra barata y ganar dinero con los trabajadores. De lo que te van pagando por semana, descuentan alquiler de alojamiento, seguro, bicicleta o transporte en función de los kilómetros de distancia entre aquel y el centro de trabajo. Hay semanas que te quedas debiéndoles dinero si no te han dado suficientes horas de trabajo. Si intentas irte de sus alojamientos también te quitan horas de trabajo y así no puedes pagar tu alquiler libre. Si vas en bicicleta, puedes ir a las tres de la mañana de vuelta a casa por caminos hacia los campings o casas a las afueras de las ciudades con nieve, hielo, vientos de más de 20 km/h, lluvia sobre todo, casi siempre y hasta en verano, donde en una casa pueden convivir hasta 17 personas afinadas en 3-4 habitaciones, dos baños y una cocina. En los campings te roban, roban en los bungalows, venden drogas. Si vas en autobús te citan por sms a las 5 de la mañana para pasar lista y llevarte a la empresa a mas de una hora de trayecto de ida y lo mismo a la vuelta. En el Centro de trabajo, debes fichar la entrada, nos retienen a todos en un habitáculo con vallas, hasta que nos llevan a todos juntos a trabajar a la ubicación de cada uno, siempre vigilada. A la hora del descanso, o la comida, nos reúnen a todos, pasan lista, nos suben juntos al comedor y cuando termina el tiempo de comida, bajamos todos juntos siempre vigilados por los superiores. A la salida te hacen pasar por unos escáner para ver si llevas algo. No te dejan entrarSi necesitas subsistir, porque prácticamente estás en la indigencia en España, puedes ir y alargar tu subsistencia algo más, mientras buscas otra salida.Todos los relatados."

capturista de almacen (Former Employee) says

"No tienen una ética profesional.... Hay bastantes irregularidades y discriminación laboral, falta de atención hacia la gente que laboral con ellos, hablemos de agencia, no es el horario que prometen, no saben cómo tratar al personal"

General Labor Shipping (Former Employee) says

"Ofrecen un puesto "estable" pero te despiden sin motivo alguno, no te enseñan cómo deberían y así quieren cero equivocaciones en los procesos. Si le caes mal a alguna argolla simplemente estás fuera sin responsabilidad patronal."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Very judgemental! Never work for them again. I wasn't allowed to be happy at work .. Couldn't talk to do workers .. Couldn't laugh n be glad to be at work"

Shift supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Don’t ever work for this bad company for any reason Treated you like so bad Pay less any company around in the area...................................!!!"

Líder (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa que no valora al colaborador, constantemente hay rotación de personal especialmente líderes y supervisores, aunque en general el personal q pasa de 2 a 3 años es poco. Mala Infraestructura , desordenada y sucia. Es una de esas empresas tan malas q solo sirve para un trabajo temporal entre tanto encuentras algo mejor.NingunoPésima empresa. De las más inestables."

Senior Sales Director (Former Employee) says

"Just a number upper management never takes responsibility for anything. Easily can be terminated if numbers are bad. Certain people who have tenure can get away with murder and the company certainly plays favorites."

Employée polyvalente (Former Employee) says

"Juste une personne parmi tant d'autres. pas de prise de conscience du côté humain. des chiffres des chiffres des chiffres pour des primes et des cadeaux pour les supérieurs."

Ingram Micro (Former Employee) says

"They dont pay on time I had to wait 3 weeks before I got paid and its suck people aren't good and security team sucks that's why I got fired because they were racist."


"Great co-workers and other employees. Hard Working and knowledgeable. Terrible management across the board. Meat grinder feel from them and only employing temps so they can treat them like slaves and they know there will be another slave to replace you when you decide your fed up with the treatment.Enjoyed the actual work on high tech laptopsTreat all employees like thieves"

Team Lead/ QC (Current Employee) says

"The Ops manager cares more about drama then he cares about his employees I would not recommend anyone for this job. Benefits are great. But the people there have real big issues."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for a few years in Witney was great to start with then totally poor management and no care for long term workers who had put there all into the company the positive side was some of the workers who worked their."

mozo almacen (Former Employee) says

"Estafa/robo. Acabas perdiendo dinero y tiempo. Te gasta el dinero en el vuelo, te aloja en un cochitril y después apenas te llaman para trabajar, pero bien que te cobran donde vives. Sabes los horarios de un día para otro, se puede decir que estas de guardia las 24h. Al final no te llaman más de tres días a la semana y no puedes hacer nada mientras porque tienes q estar pendiente por si te llaman a trabajar"

Full Stack Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Everything is siloed at Ingram Micro. Programming on their web site has way too much overlap. Basically each page on the site is developed by a different team. Each does its own custom coding. Communication between teams is via one person touch points who are non-technical."

Pick-packer (processor) says

"Too much Racism there, they like to employ Indian people only. by working there they treated them different to other races their. So yeah I don’t have anything else to say about them."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you like being exploited, ingram is the place for you. A truly awful experience from start to finish. Would not suggest to anyone to get a job there."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Unfair job practices low pay for work Substandard management. Owed me back pay would not honor my claim. Revolving door workplace. Management does nothing to help you."

Leonard Massey says

"Heard from a source that this business is making an employee work from the office when they can work from home. Childcare now needs to be sent to a person whom is meant to be shielding. Awful company."

Slawomir Bapierala says

"Epic worst place I ever worked.
Brainlessly manager’s without basic organisations knowledge . Typically British..,
No one know for what exactly have responsibilities.,

All departments excluding financial have minimal wages ., engineers, flash, warehouse op. and internal stores.

This is why people don’t care about their responsibilities., minimal wage minimal effort.
They opened new line without preparing new people to work, after they grab random people from the street and said : go and fix phones.

This company is managing by morons without brain."

Super Mario says

"I don't even know where to start.
There is a lack of general organisation, the manager in returns Missguided is always late, clueless about everything (you will surely know more than him on your first day), unbothered and unprofessional.
Sexism, colorism and favouritism perfume the atmosphere on a daily basis and his lack of interest about the actual job, not to mention on people skills, turn the place into an anarchic mess. The company's refusal of bettering things mixed with the classical "God complex" will lead into two ways of living:
accepting bullying,delays and daily disrespect and keeping the job or asking to be treated as a human, becoming a walking target and ending up being fired without any reason.
May the best win!"

Brandon Till says

"I've been waiting 3 weeks to receive my order from Ingram Micro, and now they tell me they cannot fulfil it. What's more frustrating is that instead of looking for solutions they make a lot of excuses and pass blame. From my experience, it seems they just don't care about customers and I'd avoid them if you can." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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